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Chapter 1 Pandora’s Box

Old door Gia Joseph Giasuniverse

When I moved abroad, I took all my writings with me, except for one journal. It was for the best really, because rereading it was dangerous. I found it again, semi forgotten with the rest of my teenage stuff, in my parents’ loft.

I paused for a moment before sitting down next to the boxes just below the solitary light bulb, and as I opened the tattered notebook, I was nauseated by an artificial apple fragrance. I smiled. Thanks Grandma!

I flicked through the first few yellowed pages full of angry poems ‘inspired’ by my father. I frowned and skipped to the next entry. Read More…


Part 1 Pandora’s Box

Sunset Giasuniverse

Gia couldn’t shake an uneasy feeling of displacement. Everything in her parents’ new house was familiar yet it looked different. There was the same dark heavy furniture and a tree piece suite-the silent witnesses of her childhood. She walked over to the kitchen table where all the dreaded talks took place.
Everything was the same except her old bedroom. Gia left it almost five years ago, packing only one small suitcase, and every subsequent visit she took a little more with her.

Read More…