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Chapter 1 Pandora’s Box

Old door Gia Joseph Giasuniverse

When I moved abroad, I took all my writings with me, except for one journal. It was for the best really, because rereading it was dangerous. I found it again, semi forgotten with the rest of my teenage stuff, in my parents’ loft.

I paused for a moment before sitting down next to the boxes just below the solitary light bulb, and as I opened the tattered notebook, I was nauseated by an artificial apple fragrance. I smiled. Thanks Grandma!

I flicked through the first few yellowed pages full of angry poems ‘inspired’ by my father. I frowned and skipped to the next entry. Read More…


Part 53 The Unraveling

Railway Gia Joseph Giasuniverse

Gia read Hana’s email again and again trying to make sense of the dreadful news, until she could barely see the text through the veil of sadness. She got up and sat down again, she clasped her shaking hands together, then crossed them over her queazy stomach. Surely she would soon wake up from this horrible nightmare. It just could’t be true! 

Unable to sit still, she walked out on to the terrace in the garden. What was she supposed to do now? Lokie was dead. Why? Why on Saturday-their reunion day? Was it because of Gia? Oh, Lokie, why? Read More…

Part 51 Breaking Free

Black Bird at Sunset Gia Joseph Giasuniverse

On Monday morning Gia woke up refreshed after a full night of deep slumber. For a millisecond she was blissfully unaware, but the events of the past few days mercilessly flashed before her inner eye. She was still broken, but feeling much better over all, having a new plan of action.

Gia was now inclined to send the email to Lokie. She had to do something to break free for good, besides she had nothing to lose apart from her dignity, and however painful that was, the pain of uncertainty and the suffering from the limerent hell was far worse than that. Read More…

Part 47 The Old New Reality

Sunset lamp silhouette giasuniverse

The sun was shining almost as bright as Gia’s smile making her whole being radiate happiness that was almost impossible to break. Even when the kids were misbehaving, Gia didn’t mind, in fact she joined them in their tickling games full of laughter. Nothing in the world had the power to bring her down, not even her despotic father, no matter how much venom he threw at her, he could not hurt her this time. These days he had no power over Gia, which made him angrier as the days went by, but Gia didn’t care because none of that mattered. Read More…

Part 17 Dark Reflections

Dark Reflections

8th August 1993

Lucky escape

Sounds of nature,

strange thoughts invading my mind,

wind squealing, trees crying,

emanating strange sounds.

A beautiful boring summer day drawing to an end.

Thunderbolts and lightening?

Thoughts on the loop,

your radiance,

pain, trees crying again,

soon the rein of ordinary days,

relief and happiness,

questions and answers,

connection and disconnect,

no common language,

faces melting and freezing,

lies and cowardliness,

no happy ending,

lucky escape,

no substitute,

solution out of necessity,


true colours,

hate and loathing,

brilliant shine turning dull,

dark and indifferent,

time to look away.

12th August 1993

My “Daddy”

Blood red dusk,

music blasting,

his head screaming,

angry and confusing,

stolen thoughts,


I am mute,

deal with it,

stick with it,

and endure it,

till one day,

I will be gone.

27th August 1993

I am definitely cured from Rocky now! What was I thinking? I am thanking my lucky stars for this outcome, and I can’t wait to see you, Lokie!

28th August 1993

I have been feeling quite down lately. I seek solitude, so I can think and contemplate without intrusion. I am at a strange point in my life, in between of sorts. Every new morning seems beautiful, exciting, full of opportunities and promises, but as the day goes on, it starts to drag, and dims my energy.

Every morning I am so sure of my purpose in life, come evening, I do not feel so sure, I get disappointed, that those exciting feelings and thirst for life turn into nothing.

The first time I felt truly alive was in seventh and eighth grade. New friendships, discovery of music, alcohol, and troubles at home intensified. Then new school, spending every weekend at Grandma’s house. New friends, village gigs, boys, falling in love…

And then last summer, falling and almost reaching rock bottom, suddenly homeless, forming group with similar afflicted teenagers. I met all kinds of people at that time, and learned that everyone cared the most about themselves. I learned how to get food, money, clothes, cigarettes and alcohol. When our little “family” had all of that, we were happy, but even then, everyone always tried to get the best piece for themselves. And when we didn’t have those things, it wasn’t that much fun anymore. I didn’t think ahead, only lived one day at a time.

I learned that the strongest survive, those who know how to fight. Life also gave me a lesson not to trust anyone, and that running away doesn’t solve anything. Then back to a different reality, disappointment, misunderstanding, police, psychologists, home, school.

And it was my art school, that helped me to get over most of it in the end. Feeling like an alien, that landed on a different planet. Me – street wise amongst kids so innocent, whose hobbies included collecting stickers, and looking after pets. Kids, that had no idea, what is happening in the real world.

But they helped me, I fed on their happy go lucky, carefree energy. The storm is over, the arguments at home rare their ugly heads every now and again. It gets really ugly, and those are the times, when I know I am not loved or wanted.

They criticise, threaten and put me down constantly. They break my spirit. They want me to give up and fail, so they can say: “Look, we loved her so much, we gave her everything, we paid for her education, and she didn’t appreciate it. She threw away the chance to became a decent citizen with a good job!”

And people will believe them. I will crash down to the rock bottom, and stay in the darkest place, I have only glimpsed before. I know it could get worse, much worse then what I have experienced so far.

I remember this time last year, they totally destroyed me the night before the first day in the new school, and I am worried, it might happen again. Life is not easy, it can be beautiful sometimes, but there is more sadness.

30th August 1993

I am excited and scared at the same time, I just want to get rid off this darkness, that’s following me. Two more days and I will finally see you again, Lokie! Two months passed quicker, than I thought. Maybe it’s better, that we didn’t see each other so long. At least I know to whom I can write all this, all my thoughts and emotions. Actually no, I would never want anyone to read this. One day I will burn this journal, it’s very dangerous to write everything down.

1st September 1993

I feel like you would laugh at me, Lokie. What I am thinking and writing, all this nonsense spilled on these pages. It’s a horrible feeling, when you don’t know where you stand.

I didn’t even dare to look at you today, because if I did, I would blush for sure, and I would not survive that! It was more than enough to be in your presence, and feel your stares.  Am I stupid?

I know we are not going to talk for a while yet, it depends who will break that wall, that grew between us, first. I know it is my turn, but I am unable to do that, I’d rather wait.

I think, that you are not that interested in me, I am so unsure of myself, and so naive in matters of love. I dream and idealize, I know, I am to blame, blame my own stupidity.

But there is still hope, we will see how it will all pan out, today was just a first day back!

Photo by Gia.

Part 1 Pandora’s Box

Sunset Giasuniverse

Gia couldn’t shake an uneasy feeling of displacement. Everything in her parents’ new house was familiar yet it looked different. There was the same dark heavy furniture and a tree piece suite-the silent witnesses of her childhood. She walked over to the kitchen table where all the dreaded talks took place.
Everything was the same except her old bedroom. Gia left it almost five years ago, packing only one small suitcase, and every subsequent visit she took a little more with her.

Read More…