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Why Beautiful Hurts and The Joy of the Palm Tree Gate

Landscape Gia Joseph Giasuniverse

I watch the wind weave through the lush long grass. Each stem and its leaf dance in harmony with the others; all of them together are participating in pattern creation of endless possibilities. Suddenly the breeze notices me and ruffles my hair. It tickles my face and sweeps the hair over my eyes, I turn around and it turns with me. I turn again and the wind does the same…I realize, it’s playing with me, making me dance like it does with the grass ¬†and the clouds above in the sky, and I smile. The wind confirms my thoughts by gently breathing my hair away from my eyes, so I can see into the distance. I inhale, and take the breeze into my lungs, it spreads through my veins into my heart like liquid gold, and I feel it in my soul. Oh, God, it’s beautiful, thank you. Read More…


Part 47 The Old New Reality

Sunset lamp silhouette giasuniverse

The sun was shining almost as bright as Gia’s smile making her whole being radiate happiness that was almost impossible to break. Even when the kids were misbehaving, Gia didn’t mind, in fact she joined them in their tickling games full of laughter. Nothing in the world had the power to bring her down, not even her despotic father, no matter how much venom he threw at her, he could not hurt her this time. These days he had no power over Gia, which made him angrier as the days went by, but Gia didn’t care because none of that mattered. Read More…

Part 45 A Limerent Heaven of Mutual Gaze

Sunset bird giasuniverse

Finally Gia had some answers, but also more questions…Why did she fall in limerence? Why Lokie? Why is it still going on without seeing him for more than fifteen years? For God’s sake she is a grown up now with a husband and a family, she was not supposed to have some crazy teenage feelings like this!

And what about Lokie and his weird behavior? Was he also limerent for Gia all those years ago? And what about now? Had his feelings been reawakened too? Did that scare him, and was he trying to fight it by ignoring Gia’s email? Read More…