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Awaken ~ They Tried To Steal My Memories


Stillness and silence. I open my eyes and see that we have just landed back at the base, and I recall how Patch injected me in the neck. There is no doubt in my mind now that Patch is nothing like me. Am I the only one that is totally different here? I thought that Patch perhaps… Patch gives me the stare so I quickly get up. Perhaps too quickly my head is pounding and I have to steady myself as we disembark the Pacific. Patch no longer pays me any attention as he marches straight ahead and I follow him to the lift at the other site of the dock.

I guard my thoughts from Patch as we step on to the lift platform. Our suits are immediately removed by purple-green light emanating from the panel in the wall. After we are disrobed and sterilized, Patch stares at the large panel on the wall. When his log is complete I take my turn and face the panel. My log is completed just as we reach our level. I follow Patch out of the lift but before I step out an invisible force blocks my way.  “Report to level three immediately!” a disembodied command sounds in my head. Read More…


Awaken-Mission of Struggle

Awaken: On a Mission of Struggle

Over the next few days I do, as I planned. I attach the tube every sleep cycle, and slowly most of the recalls stop. I concentrate on my tasks, and I am once again part of the efficient machine.
Only here and there I catch a glimpse of a recall. A sound, a scent, a face or a creature… A sort of a glitch here and there. I try my hardest not to dwell on it. But it’s as if I cannot help it. I seem to forget to not pay attention to the recalls and it gets me every time.

After another sleep cycle I hear the sound of drums and Patch and I walk down the hall passing others without looking at them. We never see any similar savages down here. Before my wonderings and noticing of things I’ve never seen a sane similar. My mind starts to wander. I enter a platform lift. It starts moving upwards and we take turns to have our clear body covering sprayed on by tiny spouts in the panel on the wall. The protective material is Read More…

Awaken-A Shattered Perception

Awaken Chapter 3-A Shattered Perception

Frozen to the spot I listen to the footsteps’ echo bouncing off the walls. The sound travels up the huge spiral ramp never dying completely. I spring into action. I hop on the wall and crawl all the way up to the ceiling. I hold my breath. Two bodies clad in black enter my vision field. To my astonishment they are not one of us. They are similars!  I am struggling to comprehend what it means. These similars are not savage, even the glow around them is different, colorful, not black or grey like the creatures from the lab. They carry weapons. Danger! They must not see me. They make sounds with their mouths to each other. Strange.

I wait for them to disappear behind the bend and make my way down. I reach the door at the bottom. It’s huge. I crawl up and look through the small window into another corridor. The lights are off, and I do not see a single living thing, but it looks very different to our level. The space is drenched in color, and there are objects everywhere, huge soft chairs and matching tables, and white panels blinking occasionally are hanging on the walls. Why don’t we have this? It looks rather pleasing. Another fragment flashes in my mind. Faces, lots of them. None I recognize. I am not sure what I am recalling. There is a sensation of softness, then pull… Read More…