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The First Draft Re-Write Agony

Grass close up giasuniverse

I was so happy when I finished the first draft of my novel, and thought that the hardest part of writing was behind me. How wrong was I!

As soon as I started, I ran into major stumbling blocks. Besides the more obvious ones such as grammatical errors, structure sentence, dialogue tags, showing versus telling, unnecessary scenes etc. etc. I identified the following:

Being too close to the character

Mainly due to the fact that my story is based on real life events, I struggle with one dimensional main character.  Nancy Kress  in her book Characters, Emotions and Viewpoint advises to change/add characters attributes, if you are basing your character on yourself or someone you know. For example, if you base your character on your aunt, who is a nurse that loves her job, try changing something about her. What would happen if she hated it? Read More…