Awaken ~ They Tried To Steal My Memories


Stillness and silence. I open my eyes and see that we have just landed back at the base, and I recall how Patch injected me in the neck. There is no doubt in my mind now that Patch is nothing like me. Am I the only one that is totally different here? I thought that Patch perhaps… Patch gives me the stare so I quickly get up. Perhaps too quickly my head is pounding and I have to steady myself as we disembark the Pacific. Patch no longer pays me any attention as he marches straight ahead and I follow him to the lift at the other site of the dock.

I guard my thoughts from Patch as we step on to the lift platform. Our suits are immediately removed by purple-green light emanating from the panel in the wall. After we are disrobed and sterilized, Patch stares at the large panel on the wall. When his log is complete I take my turn and face the panel. My log is completed just as we reach our level. I follow Patch out of the lift but before I step out an invisible force blocks my way.  “Report to level three immediately!” a disembodied command sounds in my head.

It is very peculiar I have never been to any other level officially. I have to be mindful of my thoughts. I rub my temples. My recall is all jumbled up. After a few seconds the lift doors open and I step into a long white corridor. My footsteps echo as I proceed towards the double door at the other end and they hiss open as soon as I approach. I hesitate before I enter. I am alone in a large white lit circular room. It’s empty. What is going on? I turn around slowly taking in my new surroundings. There are no more commands in my head and just as I wonder what to do thousands of lights start flashing all around me. For a second I am blinded by the intensity but soon images form and float in the air all around me. My whole body starts vibrating with tingles. I fight it. Sounds follow. All kinds of pleasant and painful sounds are rapidly attacking my senses. Some are artificial and some made by creatures. I almost cannot stand it. Out of nowhere something attaches my head. Burning sensation spills throughout my body. What is this, a torturous termination chamber? After a long while everything stops and I slump to the glass like floor. I am present but my body is failing. I hate to feel this helpless. Something lifts me up. All is black. Pulling and prodding. I hear voices.

Then all of a sudden the blackness parts and I see a similar’s face. It’s a female with red head covering. She peers at me from above through frames around her small washed out eyes. A flash of recognition enters my brain. I saw her before. No, not her just her image a few sleep cycles ago, I recall. There are others with her. I don’t know what they are doing. But they are doing something to me, and I do not want them to. It is as if the roles are suddenly reversed, I cannot comprehend it. I fight the red head with every fiber of my being. But I am soon subdued by her helpers. I am the savage now. Stop. Stop! STOP! I scream in my head. But the similars have no mercy. I don’t understand any of it. They are still prodding but the surroundings fade and I travel in the land of recall. I see the little similar’s sweet face, the grazing animals outside, the land and nature…It makes my heart glow for a little while until my recall start to pixelate. I try real hard to stop the interference, but they are stronger and I go wild again. I try to break free to shake the numerous straps and hands holding me down. In my crazed state I bite my own finger. Pain and darkness.

I awake and touch an aching spot on my head. I am in a small see through chamber. I float. Then nothing. Next time I open my eyes I see other chambers all around me. Something is in each of them. Every waking cycle some of them open and a creature walks out. They walk through a frame and pause. Lasers go over them. Then they disappear out of my view. I touch the glass wall of my pod and notice a mark on my finger. I have no idea what that means. I try to recall but only disturbing jumbled up images enter my head. I shudder and quickly take my hand of the glass. My recall is not functioning.

Then a light flashes above me and one side of my glass chamber slides upwards. I walk out and I proceed to the frame. As I walk through the lasers sweep over me. Something burns on my forehead and on my right hand but it is not painful.

I proceed to the lab as I am instructed in my head and I am joined by two others. We strap a body trashing its limbs to a platform and start extracting tissues. Strange sensations sweep over me. I ignore it and do as instructed.

When our job is done at the lab we hear a sound that tells us to proceed to the flight deck. Two of us enter a spacecraft called Pacific. When we are ready I nod my head and we take off. We cruise at low altitude. There are masses of water then the scenery below changes. Mountains, rivers, trees. Lots of trees. Why am I noticing this when I saw it thousands of times before and didn’t dwell on it? I have to focus on the task and just fly. I motion with my hand to prepare the craft for flying over savage populated areas. They must not fully see the craft just lights and such. Why? Something is wrong. All this wondering.

I wriggle in my seat. Something is not quite right. I reach behind me and pull out a strange rectangular object. The one next to me stares straight ahead. Somehow I know he shouldn’t see this. I put it next to me and it lights up as I handle it. How peculiar!

I notice the mark on my finger again and then all of a sudden hundreds of recalls flood my brain. The little savage. The rectangle. Patch and his cold penetrating stare. Our last flight mission. The pen. The reprograming chamber… I now recall taking the rectangle with me on our last mission and hiding it in my chair. Wave after wave of sensations wash over me and I try my hardest to block the broadcast of my state to Patch. But it’s too late I already feel his burning stare.

To be continued….

Writing and artwork @Gia Joseph


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About giasuniverse

I am compelled to create, I now realize that this is a gift from God, I want to make him happy by sharing it with others. My aim is to bring enjoyment to people, and help in any way I can. I wish to know and do many things. Some of them I do and others I do in my imaginary life. A life long learner, a truth seeker, a philosopher, a dreamer, an adventurer, an artist, and a writer on this wonderful journey called life.

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