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Awaken ~ They Tried To Steal My Memories


Stillness and silence. I open my eyes and see that we have just landed back at the base, and I recall how Patch injected me in the neck. There is no doubt in my mind now that Patch is nothing like me. Am I the only one that is totally different here? I thought that Patch perhaps… Patch gives me the stare so I quickly get up. Perhaps too quickly my head is pounding and I have to steady myself as we disembark the Pacific. Patch no longer pays me any attention as he marches straight ahead and I follow him to the lift at the other site of the dock.

I guard my thoughts from Patch as we step on to the lift platform. Our suits are immediately removed by purple-green light emanating from the panel in the wall. After we are disrobed and sterilized, Patch stares at the large panel on the wall. When his log is complete I take my turn and face the panel. My log is completed just as we reach our level. I follow Patch out of the lift but before I step out an invisible force blocks my way.  “Report to level three immediately!” a disembodied command sounds in my head. Read More…