Awaken-A Shattered Perception

Awaken Chapter 3-A Shattered Perception

Frozen to the spot I listen to the footsteps’ echo bouncing off the walls. The sound travels up the huge spiral ramp never dying completely. I spring into action. I hop on the wall and crawl all the way up to the ceiling. I hold my breath. Two bodies clad in black enter my vision field. To my astonishment they are not one of us. They are similars!  I am struggling to comprehend what it means. These similars are not savage, even the glow around them is different, colorful, not black or grey like the creatures from the lab. They carry weapons. Danger! They must not see me. They make sounds with their mouths to each other. Strange.

I wait for them to disappear behind the bend and make my way down. I reach the door at the bottom. It’s huge. I crawl up and look through the small window into another corridor. The lights are off, and I do not see a single living thing, but it looks very different to our level. The space is drenched in color, and there are objects everywhere, huge soft chairs and matching tables, and white panels blinking occasionally are hanging on the walls. Why don’t we have this? It looks rather pleasing. Another fragment flashes in my mind. Faces, lots of them. None I recognize. I am not sure what I am recalling. There is a sensation of softness, then pull… Perhaps it is something from weeks ago. But why the recall now? We hardly recall anything unimportant. Every recall is specific and to the point. For instance, if we need to fix the flight pod, I recall the instruction screen and just do what’s necessary. I do not understand these random recalls. It cannot be that bad though, because the recalls of the little similar savage, for example, are rather pleasant. I like doing it.

I step in front of the door. It doesn’t open. “Open!” I command. Nothing. How peculiar. I look around, all the surfaces are polished gray metal. No seems, nothing to touch to open the door mechanically…I hesitate. There it is again. I have no idea what to do.

Well one thing is sure, I have no recalls for this door, that has never happened before either. I can do anything just as I think it, so the door not opening is slightly unnerving to me. I crawl around the door all the way up to the ceiling. I pace back and forth. My limbs start to ache, but I do not want to give up. I have an unexplained urge to get through that door. I crawl back down and peek through the glass again. The lights are on.

Two similars walk out from one or the doors on the right and proceed in my direction. They also sound with their mouths to each other. That must be how they communicate. How inefficient. Their bodies are covered in different fabrics. They have no visible weapons on them. I scoot above the door as they approach nearer. The door hisses open and they proceed through and up the ramp. I silently slither down, peek through and crawl in before the doors shut. I feel exposed. The tingles in my body are almost my permanent state of being. I walk through the hall. I see more brightly colored rooms. There is a scent in the air that is sort of familiar, I follow it into one of the rooms. The space is very small comparing to any other room I have ever been in.

There are so many objects in there, it clutters my mind. I touch the surface of a small platform. It’s cold. There are tiny objects upon it, spheres and rectangles with images on them. I see group of similars of mixed genders and sizes, their mouths twitched wide revealing the whiteness inside. The light around them is bright and warm. I zoom at the little ones, they remind me of the little similar savage. Their hair covering is also bright but darker, sort of reddish. I carefully place it back.

I look around. There is a large desk and different platforms and cots. Some of them hold other objects in them. Some of them are for regeneration, I assume. There is a large open shelf against the wall holding lots of rectangular objects. I pick one up and it opens in my hand. I recognize familiar writing in it. It describes the inner workings of a savage. I scan it all and store the knowledge, then I replace it back to the shelf.
I walk over to the desk in the corner of the room. The scent grows stronger. I soon see its origin. It is a light brown liquid in a funny looking vial with a handle.

I touch it, and pull my fingers back immediately. I take in the scent. I am immediately transported into another room with a lot of the same objects in it,  and a similar’s face. A female. She looks at me in a way that is difficult to discern, but it causes a warm glow in my ribcage. I want the similar to keep looking at me like that, and I am certain she does too. And her room smells just like this funny liquid on the desk. I snap out of the recall, and rapidly dip my finger in the vial. I sniff it. I want to keep doing it, so I do it a few more times.

Then another container catches my attention. It contains some kind of seed looking things. I take one. There are lots of papers with information in them. I wish to stay and absorb everything, but I want to see what else is in there. And more importantly, what was making that strange sound? I will return here for sure.

I look out carefully and quickly pull my head back. More armed savages are walking through the corridor. I wait for their footsteps to grow silent then crawl into the hall. At first I pass many more rooms like the first one. Then the rooms start to change. They look more like miniature labs. But what I see at the end couldn’t shock me more. The door won’t open again, so I climb up to the glass part and look in. A colossal hall opens before me. It is dark, but I see wall to ceiling see through compartments full of creatures. Some of them I recognize from the lab. Some are human. Some animal. Some animals have human parts and some humans have animal parts.

They are attached to sleep tubes. Human dogs. Cows. Cowmen. Dolphig. My brain is getting foggy looking at all these kinds of human-like creatures. Some of them float in a liquid. Some are pleasing in appearance. Some sinister. There are also lots of spare body parts growing in jars and tanks. There is a heart in one of them, possibly human. It is huge. Pumping liquid in a glass box. It’s eerie.

The silence is deafening. I know they sense my presence. My head starts to hurt. I cannot concentrate. The glass cubicle nearest to me holds a small savage. I immediately know it’s THE little savage. Dot. She doesn’t move, she floats silently in a clear liquid. Her eyes are closed. The golden hair covering is almost gone. Her head is smooth and overall her skin is lighter. There are tubes everywhere. It’s too much. I cannot take it. I turn away and slide down the door. I will my limbs into motion. Wild recalls in my head.

Who and what are they doing? And why? And why did I wake up from my ignorance? Why did I start noticing everything? It literally hurts my insides, and I do not understand anything. The only thing that is clear to me right now is that nothing is what it seems. There is a horrible noise of perception shattering in my head.

I make my way through the corridor all the way to the entrance door. I am not even sure how I got back to my cot. I lay down and feel heavy. Not even the rectangle can cheer me up. I want to stop the recall. I attach my tube. The next thing I know it’s the morning. At first I don’t know what’s going on. My thoughts are fuzzy. But then the recall slowly comes back. Maybe I just attach every night and stop recalling what I saw. Yes. That’s my plan. Stop recalling everything. Stop the pain. Stop, stop, stop…

To be continued…

Writing and Photo © Gia Joseph 2016


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I am compelled to create, I now realize that this is a gift from God, I want to make him happy by sharing it with others. My aim is to bring enjoyment to people, and help in any way I can. I wish to know and do many things. Some of them I do and others I do in my imaginary life. A life long learner, a truth seeker, a philosopher, a dreamer, an adventurer, an artist, and a writer on this wonderful journey called life.

4 responses to “Awaken-A Shattered Perception”

  1. puellacumstilum says :

    Alright I definitely need to start from the beginning! Ever consider making a playlist of music to have readers listen to in the background? So intense!

    Liked by 1 person

    • giasuniverse says :

      Thanks Puella! And thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely think about that. I used to put videos with my previous story, but nobody listened to it so stopped doing it.
      Do you mean like instrumental music evoking the mood or songs? Cheers I really appreciate the feedback. ❤


  2. Dalo 2013 says :

    It is such a perfect time for me to slip back into this fantastic world of yours ~ to view these characters, mysterious and foreboding but something still pushing me forward. I am the character in scene…and I need more 🙂

    Fortunately, you have it there waiting for me!


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