Awaken Part 2-Soft Little Savage

Awaken part 2 Gia Joseph Giasuniverse

Similar savages are much taller than us, but the one they brought in the other day was unusually small. Easily managed by just one body. A five fingered female. Still strange looking with head covering the color of a bright light and its small eyes like the masses of water we fly over on our flight missions. At first it screamed and trashed about like the rest of them. Normally, I would just strap it in and do the job, but this time I watched it for a little while like I watch everything nowadays, and to my amazement it went downright quiet. It reached at the exam screen, but pulled its hand away almost immediately, startled by the burst of colorful activity.

Then it looked me straight in the eye and kept on looking. Who does that? It flipped my insides. I reached out to strap it in, and it grabbed my hand not at all viciously, but softly and held it close to its body. I felt its warmth, and somehow it warmed me inside too. That was also the first time I felt the corners my mouth twitch, and to my surprise the creature did the same. The strange activity stopped me from strapping her in, but I still had to take the samples.

My free hand reached for a sample extractor, but I experienced a sensation of just wanting to watch it and hold it and twitch my mouth at it. I was completely disabled from any action. Then it saw the extractor and became savage again. As I was trying to contain it, the tool slipped from my hand. The sound of it hitting the floor further agitated the little similar, it jumped up and attacked me softly. I waited for it to rip into me, but it just clang to my body. For the first time in my life I didn’t know what to do. At all.

Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t – message was screaming inside my head. It dawned on me that it didn’t want the sample tool anywhere near it, and it was communicating with me. Funny that, before, all my received thoughts were instructions of some kind or another. This one was different, I am certain it came from the little similar.

Still clinging to me, it started making little noises near my ear not at all loud or startling. Its smell was somehow familiar, but I couldn’t place it. I wanted to listen to its sounds, but I had to act. If any of the others saw this, they would put an end to it in a way, that would make the little savage insane, perhaps they would even terminate it. And strangely I didn’t want that to happen, so I applied gentle pressure to the nape of its neck. Sleep.

When its body grew limp, I placed it on the platform and extracted the samples. I took my time and looked carefully over its body. Healthy. Pink and plump. Its watery eyes now covered by soft lids. A tiny brown dot on one of them. There were black lines on her right hand, just like on many of the others. I looked at mine. Three tiny triangles. What are they for anyway? When I was finished with the examination, I took the container with the objects found on the savage to the disposal shaft.

I never cared what all these tools or fabrics were for, but this time I didn’t want to part with any of them. Just when I was standing there contemplating what to do, Patch walked in, and I quickly tipped the container over. I listened as the stuff rattled down the shaft, and when I proceeded back to the platform, I noticed the transparent rectangle stuck to the side of the box. And that’s how I got it.

I shift in my cot and feel it in my hands. I trace the markings in it with my finger and the different colors alternate, and I can’t help but recall how the the little similar reached for the screen in the lab. Soft little savage. My mouth twitches.

All of a sudden a sound pierces the stillness of the underground. What was that? I quickly shove the rainbow rectangle back under the mattress and prick up my ears. Nothing. Just the rhythmical sounds of the breathing tubes. There. I hear it again. I cannot place the origins of the sounds, but it causes waves of tingles rush throughout my body. I will my weak limbs into motion, and for the first time ever I leave my cot during sleep cycle. I pass all the regenerating bodies laying in rows attached to their tubes.

How would Patch react, if I disconnected his? Hard to tell, they all act in the same uniform efficiency. Would he be like me or would he drag me to the termination station like some of the creatures they bring in? The swishing sound of the door sliding open jolts me out my wonderings. There is the tingling sensation again. It sweeps over me, and my heart starts to beat faster too. An image flashes through my mind. I cannot place it. I try to recall. Bright lights, faces, strange object about…evading my inner sight. I let it go.

The familiar dull gray route to the lab appears strangely foreign without the others about. It’s dark and quiet now. Every few steps there are doors to the left and to the right. I do not know what’s in most of these rooms, as my tasks only take me to the lab or to the flight deck. I want to explore, but right now I am drawn to the place from which the sounds came earlier. That means I have to go down a level or two, I have never been there, but I know the way. At the end of the corridor I turn right into the circular ramp and walk as fast as I can. The sound started again. It’s somewhat alarming. I shiver. It’s near. The message that pops into my mind is now clear. Stop! And I freeze.

To be continued…

Writing and Photo © Gia Joseph 2016




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I am compelled to create, I now realize that this is a gift from God, I want to make him happy by sharing it with others. My aim is to bring enjoyment to people, and help in any way I can. I wish to know and do many things. Some of them I do and others I do in my imaginary life. A life long learner, a truth seeker, a philosopher, a dreamer, an adventurer, an artist, and a writer on this wonderful journey called life.

4 responses to “Awaken Part 2-Soft Little Savage”

  1. Dalo 2013 says :

    Gia, you’ve definitely got the knack of the mystery, suspense and the mystical in your writing. This is fantastic and has me walking in your shoes right along with this story ~ such a deft writing touch, and now left looking forward to more 🙂


  2. Grandtrines says :

    Reblogged this on Still Another Photoblog.


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