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You Mean More to Me Than Cs

Everything Possible and Impossible


“I win!” I jumped up and run to the chalk-drawn line to pick up both Jacob’s and my chains of C’s. They were both mine now, I was the winner and my six year old heart was bubbling with excitement.

“No, you didn’t!” Jacob shouted. “My chain was closer to the line!”

“No, it wasn’t!” I spat back. “Mine was closer, I won and you are a sore loser!” I yelled clutching the treasure in my hand.

“Give it back!” shouted Jacob and ran towards me. I picked up all my Cs of the grey tile floor and dashed for an exit out of the tower block. Suddenly I felt something under my foot. Crunch! Jacob and I both froze. I moved my foot and we both stared at the pile of broken pieces.

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