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Forbidden Laugh

Everything Possible and Impossible

pooping cat

My father loves to laugh. If there is a funny scene in a movie, or if something funny happens, he laughs so hard that tears stream down his face, and when you hear him laughing like that, you can’t help but laugh too even though, you missed the funny scene. If something happens to his wife, kids, friends, neighbors etc. – it’s funny. However, if it happens to him – it is not funny, and nobody is allowed to laugh. If you do, you are sure to face his wrath.

One morning, as I was waking up in our two bed flat in Prague, I heard my father yelling in the bathroom. I moved closer to my bedroom door and cracked it open, so I could hear what he was mad about without him seeing me, because whatever it was, I would surely get told off for it.

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The First Draft Re-Write Agony

Grass close up giasuniverse

I was so happy when I finished the first draft of my novel, and thought that the hardest part of writing was behind me. How wrong was I!

As soon as I started, I ran into major stumbling blocks. Besides the more obvious ones such as grammatical errors, structure sentence, dialogue tags, showing versus telling, unnecessary scenes etc. etc. I identified the following:

Being too close to the character

Mainly due to the fact that my story is based on real life events, I struggle with one dimensional main character.  Nancy Kress  in her book Characters, Emotions and Viewpoint advises to change/add characters attributes, if you are basing your character on yourself or someone you know. For example, if you base your character on your aunt, who is a nurse that loves her job, try changing something about her. What would happen if she hated it? Read More…