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Part 52 The Unthinkable

Bird at dusk flying away Gia Joseph giasuniverse


After hearing back from Dana and having her full support and encouragement, Gia took a deep breath and pressed send. Quickly. Before she could change her mind. This was it! Possibly the bravest and also the craziest thing, that Gia had ever done.

Her heart was flapping wildly like a bird’s wings in a storm, as the images of Lokie’s face reading her email invaded her mind, and her stomach turned making her cringe in shame over and over again.

“Gia, stop! Don’t torture yourself! Instead imagine, how much better you’ll feel when all this is over!” her rational voice interfered. Read More…


Part 51 Breaking Free

Black Bird at Sunset Gia Joseph Giasuniverse

On Monday morning Gia woke up refreshed after a full night of deep slumber. For a millisecond she was blissfully unaware, but the events of the past few days mercilessly flashed before her inner eye. She was still broken, but feeling much better over all, having a new plan of action.

Gia was now inclined to send the email to Lokie. She had to do something to break free for good, besides she had nothing to lose apart from her dignity, and however painful that was, the pain of uncertainty and the suffering from the limerent hell was far worse than that. Read More…

Part 50 You Are Not Alone

Night Prague Castle giasuniverse

At last, the emotional maelstrom eased a little in the hour of deepening twilight. Gia was eternally grateful to Dana for being her anchor at the time of a complete loss of bearing, purpose and direction. Her plans and hope to finally get a relief in finding out what actually transpired between her Lokie all those years ago just crumbled into nothing. Doesn’t she ever learn? Didn’t this kind of thing always happen with Lokie?

Gia was loosing a grip on reality in this utter mess of a sticky black confusion, and if Dana hadn’t reached out, she would have just laid there without motion until the final breath… Read More…

Part 49 How To “Kill” Lokie

Prague at night giasuniverse

Gia willed her brain to work. How the hell was she going to tell Peter what the problem was? And so they just sat there in silence, in the glorious early morning sun stinging their eyes. Several times Gia opened her mouth to speak, then closed it again, and Peter witnessing the struggle within her waited patiently.

“I don’t know how to tell you this, you will think, I am nuts.” she finally started.

“Who isn’t nuts, Gia?” he looked her reassuringly, but with a slightly puzzled expression.

“Well…” Gia tried again, but the words just wouldn’t come out.

“It’s okay, take your time.” Peter said and threw a tiny stone into a nearby bush. Gia welcomed the distraction and did the same. And so they sat there, God knows how long, throwing tiny little stones into the bushes. Read More…

Part 48 A Sense of Dread

Night Prague Charles Bridge giasuniverse

“Come on, Gia!” Anna urged Gia to walk faster. Gia was trying, but it felt like she was wading against an angry river current. The excitement of seeing Lokie again after fifteen years seemed like too much to bear. She couldn’t explain the growing sense of dread within her. What was wrong with her?

The girls made their way through the thousands of tourists in the Old Town Square, past the astronomical clock just catching the end of “The Walk of the Apostles”, as the skeleton-a figure of Death- rang the bell at six o’clock. From then they weaved through the narrow cobbled walkways to Charles Bridge, a gothic bridge built by Charles the IV, the Holy Roman Emperor.

“Anna, is it really true that eggs were used to build the bridge?” Gia was curious. Read More…

Part 47 The Old New Reality

Sunset lamp silhouette giasuniverse

The sun was shining almost as bright as Gia’s smile making her whole being radiate happiness that was almost impossible to break. Even when the kids were misbehaving, Gia didn’t mind, in fact she joined them in their tickling games full of laughter. Nothing in the world had the power to bring her down, not even her despotic father, no matter how much venom he threw at her, he could not hurt her this time. These days he had no power over Gia, which made him angrier as the days went by, but Gia didn’t care because none of that mattered. Read More…