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Part 46 Dopamine Wildfire

Sky dark foreground giasuniverse

Bothered again by the changes in weather, it seemed that nature mirrored Gia’s emotions once again. The low hung sky bursting with sorrow provided a perfect breeding ground for the relentless thought torment. The fierce mind attacks chasing themselves into oblivion successfully prevented the only escape Gia had – into the land of Nod. Body and mind slowly disintegrating as a result.

How many times during these sleepless nights in her attic room she looked at the old window in wonder? A builder of long ago put it in brand new and beautiful. He felt satisfied with his work as he opened and shut it for the very first time…How many times had the window been open and shut since then? A silent witness to the many people that touched it, coming and going taking their stories with them. Read More…


Part 45 A Limerent Heaven of Mutual Gaze

Sunset bird giasuniverse

Finally Gia had some answers, but also more questions…Why did she fall in limerence? Why Lokie? Why is it still going on without seeing him for more than fifteen years? For God’s sake she is a grown up now with a husband and a family, she was not supposed to have some crazy teenage feelings like this!

And what about Lokie and his weird behavior? Was he also limerent for Gia all those years ago? And what about now? Had his feelings been reawakened too? Did that scare him, and was he trying to fight it by ignoring Gia’s email? Read More…

Part 44 Horribly Beautiful Limerence

Sun behind Clouds Giasuniverse

As the clock stroke midnight on the last day of December, a strange mix of excitement and fierce determination hung in the air. This new year, the year 2011 would be THE year when everything would fall into place. Her life would change forever. Gia was sure of it. And while the day and night took their turns, thoughts of Lokie and the possible answers she would get were constantly on her mind. It was an endless stream of happiness, a non stop film of possible outcomes in front of her very eyes that sustained her life. Read More…

Part 43 Serene Limbo

Dark palm tree sun

There was calmness, but not the usual type, it was just a perceived stillness with restlessness deep underneath. Life was moving around Gia like a slow motion picture. She didn’t protest or fight it, she felt somehow protected in her serene limbo. Acting now would be impossible, and she knew it. As if she stood on top of a rugged cliff looking far into furious masses of ocean’s emerald waters. She was mesmerized by the beauty of the sunrise, by the waves crashing into the cliff spitting white foam into the air, by the beauty of nature and the endless possibilities and all life. Even though there were heavy purple gray clouds on the horizon and birds flying low signaling an impeding storm, she knew she could only look at it, as stepping in right now was not a possibility. Read More…