Part 41 Unlocking the Mystery

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Gia was so close to unlocking the mystery that had been plaguing her most of her life. Her body and soul divided yet again, this time in a fantastical state of being. The past few weeks, dream like and surreal, exhilarating and magical, passed quickly yet excruciatingly slowly. In perfect sync with nature, the sun was shining a brilliant gold light making the colors in nature especially vivid. All her nutrients and rest came from from it and the stars above. To top it off secret signs and messages were all around causing a smile to become a permanent feature on Gia’s face. Everything was possible….

Most of her friends commented on Gia’s radiance. They would have never guessed that only a few weeks ago she was a broken shell of herself enchanted in the ancient garden of her old house in England. Leaving the misery behind was the best thing that Gia had done in a long time. How funny she didn’t see how terrible that existence was. We humans have the tendency to just get used to things and accept them as normal.

But the profound change in her was also because of Lokie. Just the fact that they managed to actually communicate via emails, planning the reunion..and the talk…proved to Gia that she was not totally crazy. She would finally see him, and they would slay the demons of the past together.

Tick tock…hours, minutes, seconds…, clock in every room…everything seemed in slow motion. Gia too busy hypnotizing the annoying clocks didn’t even notice a panic monster hijacking her mind and heart. Unable to stay still for one more second, so she went for a run hoping to release the volatile nauseating energy.

At last free as a bird, one with the wind she glided, feet barely touching the ground, music in her ears, her breath steadied into a perfect rhythm. Then a song finished, and the radio host proceeded with the traffic information….congestion, road closures, an accident….

How was Lokie actually getting to Prague from Sitav? It would take him at least three hours to travel to Prague. Please let him be safe… The monster was catching up with her again. She still couldn’t quite believe that she would actually see Lokie. This would be it, what she always wanted, but now her insides were full of paralyzing fear. Did he feel it too? Just relax Gia, one step at a time, just breathe…

Back in the house she got in the shower letting the water soothe her body now slim and lean from all the exercise she did lately. At least Lokie would see the best version of herself. This time he would definitely like the way she looked. No…, not liked, he would probably stare at her in surprise and admiration. Not like back then, when his compliments always included an insult too. Gone is the black shapeless rock chick attire she sported back in school. She pulled on her favorite denim shorts and figure hugging aquamarine t-shirt, the one that matched the color of her eyes. She styled her long hair into loose brown waves to softly frame her face. Done.

She checked her phone, a message from an unknown number, “I am sorry, but my car has broken down, and I have to deal with it now, so I guess I am not gonna make it, sorry. L”  

WHAT?! NO! That was so typical…How could Gia think that things with Lokie would ever be different? Why was she so surprised, when deep down she knew it anyway. It all just seemed too good to be true.

“Deal with the car tomorrow, take a train, please!” replied Gia, refusing to give up just yet.

“I am on the motorway, you clever clogs, father in law is coming to get me, he is already pissed off, anyway I will let you know.”

“Okay, be safe.” Gia replied full of disappointment.

Why, why, why? Gia felt like an ugly black tornado just broke her almost perfect day to pieces. Was someone playing with her? Was it fate? Her mind racing in violent twist and turns full of unanswered questions and painful emotions. And then at last it was over. Peace. Silence. The inner tornado subsided and took the panic monster with it. Relief. At last.

Gia was still disappointed, but really quite glad. It was too much, too much emotion, too nauseating, too exciting, too paralyzing…Perhaps there was a reason, a good reason why the two of them shouldn’t meet. Lokie probably knew it, felt it, and it scared him too…

The reunion was nice, it was great seeing everybody again, even Peter made it. He said something interesting to Gia, “you are like a female version of me.” Totally! Almost sharing a birthday they grew up in the same neighborhood, liked the same music, even their features were similar. How strange. There was no attraction between them though. Just a curious thought that Gia had a few times now came out of Peter’s mouth. It just further confirmed to her that what we sometimes think about other people, they think it too. It would be same with Lokie, Gia was sure of it.

A few days later, after she got back to the UK, she sent Lokie a photo from the reunion, so he would see what he missed. She was dying to write something to him, but she didn’t want to ruin it, besides they were already planning another reunion the following summer. After all these years another year wouldn’t make any difference, right?! So instead she composed:

9th of September 2010

From: Gia

Hey Luke,

Did you get home alright? At least here is a pic of us from the reunion, see if you recognize us 🙂 It was great to see everybody again, Leni got drunk, Oz fell asleep, Nina brought her three year old daughter, and Peter said that he missed having an intelligent conversation with you. In fact everybody were disappointed that you didn’t make it. They were curious about you. I missed you there too, it was not quite the same without you…

Anyway what are you doing in Sitav? Work? Family? I’ve been living in in England for 13 years. My life is like a tragicomic literary fiction at times 🙂 We are a czech-american family with two kids. Aria is 3.5 and Mimi 1.5. They are amazing, but it’s hard at times.

Take care.


Original writing and photo © Gia at Giasuniverse 2015.


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