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Part 42 Edge of the Vortex


The storm outside, as well as the inner one, subsided providing much needed break from the emotional overload of the past few months. But the perceived stillness was just an illusion because she stood right in the middle of the eye of the cyclone. Gia shunned away the uneasy feelings of the lurking danger, for she was so close to finding out everything…Too close in fact…a false sense of security blinded her as she stumbled about too close to the edge of the vortex. Read More…


Part 41 Unlocking the Mystery

trees sun

Gia was so close to unlocking the mystery that had been plaguing her most of her life. Her body and soul divided yet again, this time in a fantastical state of being. The past few weeks, dream like and surreal, exhilarating and magical, passed quickly yet excruciatingly slowly. In perfect sync with nature, the sun was shining a brilliant gold light making the colors in nature especially vivid. All her nutrients and rest came from from it and the stars above. To top it off secret signs and messages were all around causing a smile to become a permanent feature on Gia’s face. Everything was possible…. Read More…

Part 40 From Rain Into a Storm


Rain, rain and nothing but rain. All day grey. No sun. No hope. Gia’s soul seemed trapped under the damp ground in the ancient garden of the old house. Surrounded by mud and stones, worms and slugs, and roots like tentacles holding her firmly in the place. She didn’t fight it. Her separated body enchanted nearby…stuck, raw and exposed to the elements. Her stiff limbs were bending painfully in the wind. Sometimes they snapped. She didn’t fight it, but she longed to understand it, to understand and know everything. She stared wide eyed at everything as if for the first time, noticing even the minute details. What is this? What does it all mean? Read More…

Part 39 What Am I?

Tree sun clouds

A major shift occurred in Gia’s mind and heart. She no longer looked at the house or Drew in the same way. ¬†Whereas before there was a promise of tomorrow’s happy life that made all the struggling worth it, now Gia started to see things exactly as they were – a stark reality. She started panicking inside, like a lost soul trapped and imprisoned in the old house. Gia no longer looked at the cracks in the wall lovingly, neither did she looked affectionately at the peeling paint, and everything else that needed fixing now loomed horribly, casting ugly shadows. Read More…

Part 38 Cracks and Gashes

Victorian House

What’s going on with Drew?¬†They couldn’t wait for him to come home after four weeks of absence. At first it was a bliss. Talking, tenderness, smiles….One afternoon when the girls were napping, he pulled her into his arms as she was passing by, they tumbled on the sofa full of laughter and hunger for each other. It ended in a sweet release. It had been a while since the last time that happened! With two children under three and a house to keep, it was the last thing on Gia’s mind. The sheer exhaustion and post pregnancy body didn’t allow any sexy thoughts through. Soon though, soon it will get better… Read More…