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Part 37 The Victorian Trip


There were many life changes for Gia over the next few years, renovating a house, having a baby. Then buying a bigger property. An old Victorian house with history, plenty of space and potential. A dream home, their forever home. Renovating again, another baby.

Moving and unpacking between baby feeding and naps. Love, so much love, happiness, sleepless nights, diapers, first words, crying, laughing… Caring for children, teaching them and learning from them. Worrying about them, making sure they were happy and content. Read More…


Part 36 Nervous Anticipation

Charles Bridge Couple

Gia waited nervous with anticipation for Lokie’s reply. What would it be? She had a tab with her inbox open, so she could quickly switch between the research for her assignment and her email. Thirty minutes later and no reply. It was still way too early, it might take a day or a few, so relax Gia! Her mind was bursting with thoughts of possible outcomes of her actions. The uncertainty and possibilities were intoxicating. What will Lokie’s reaction be? What will he do?

Read More…

Part 35 Another Piece of Puzzle

clouds airplane

It was truly a miracle, finding Lokie like this. Gia must have overlooked the picture before, how is that even possible? It’s the smile, that confused her. She couldn’t help staring at the photo. Wow, Lokie as she didn’t know him. All grown up and smiling. How much has he changed? Was he happy? She just couldn’t believe, that she might actually meet him again, and possibly find out. And more! She was very close to finding out what really happened to them all those years ago.  Read More…

Part 34 Where Are You?

Sky Road

The old desire to solve the Lokie mystery was back. A nagging feeling, the familiar inner urge to heal the old wound was growing stronger. Gia sensed a possibility, a big probability, that it could happen, and just the thought of it caused currents of excitement wash over her. The only obstacle was Read More…

Part 33 Free At Last?


Gia flicked through the remainder of her journal. Whirlwind of exams, gigs, trips, occasional flings, revising, and more gigs occupied Gia for the next few months leading up the the graduation. She kept her promise, and never looked at Lokie’s eyes again, she closed her heart, and doused her feelings for him, using sheer will power.

She remembered the last time she saw him Read More…

Part 32 The Enemy Inside


15th January 1996

It was well past Christmas again, and Gia was quite successfully avoiding Luke. Something happened to Gia that night after Lokie’s “payback.” She was so furious for feeling so foolish, for being so crazy obsessing about him all these years for nothing. Even though it was obvious, that he returned the insult to her as a payback, because that’s what they did, she was hurt.

And now she knew exactly how hurt he must have felt then. She didn’t realize it before, even thought she saw the pain in his eyes. This is how it felt to be on the receiving end. At least he said sorry to her straight away, which Gia never did. Read More…