Part 30 Lokie Deer Joke

Veronika Praha cerven 2006 548

22nd May 1995

I am sitting on a porch of our little wooden cottage, as the sun is setting behind the hills on the horizon. We have been on our spring trip, for two days already. Nothing much is happening, but I am still full of hope, that we will finally speak again, Lokie!

Anna is strumming her guitar, conjuring up these really sad and melancholic melodies, and it’s making me so incredibly sad now, because I haven’t seen you much, Lokie.

23rd May 1995

I saw you today Lokie, and I am so happy, because we talked a little. First “normal” interaction in ages. I was going from a shower block up the hill towards the cottages, and as I turned a corner, I saw you approaching. My heart jumped, but it was far too late to avoid you, without acting like a lunatic. You too looked a little surprised at first probably thinking the same thing. I am glad you couldn’t see me panicking inside, and our pace slowed as the narrow path brought us together. We looked at each other wearing the usual serious expression, but then realizing the ridiculousness of the situation, we started laughing.

Gia put the journal down for a moment, and took the trip down the memory lane. She immediately transported to the narrow path below the cottages. She heard the birdsong and felt the warm breeze on her cheeks of the long gone day. The time and location being no barrier to Gia, and her ability to experience that encounter once more in her mind, but it felt no less real, then when it actually happened.

“Um, so where do you guys paint nowadays?” asked Gia. Ever since that incident a few years back, Lokie never set up near Gia again, and all his visits died with that as well.

“On top of the hill, just me, don’t know where Peter goes.”

“Hm.” Gia nodded.

“And you?” asked Lokie.

“The usual place.” Gia replied.

They paused for a moment just looking at each other.

“Can I see?” Gia pointed to his folder.


Gia peered at the painted landscape and smiled. She would have looked at anything Lokie painted forever.

“What?” Lokie questioned Gia’s smile.

“It’s okay.” she shrugged.


“It’s nice, Lokie.” They smiled again.

Suddenly they felt a presence, Gia turned around and saw Anna approaching. Lokie snapped his folder shut. “Gotta go.” And just like that he swiftly walked away, then hoped over the low fence and disappeared in the emerald forest.

Gia still stood there, when Anna got closer, with a sorry face. “Sooo sorriiie Gia, I spoiled it for you! If I knew you were finally talking, I would have never come this way!”

“Don’t worry, Anna.” Gia motioned with her hand.

“What happened?” Anna knew how much Gia still wanted to talk to Lokie.

“Ah, nothing much, he was just showing me his painting, and then we saw you coming, so he run off.”

“Yeah, he disappeared in that forest like a deer.”

“Yeah, like a wild shy deer

“That’s hilarious!”

The girls just couldn’t get enough of the “Lokie deer” joke for the rest of the day.

10th July 1995

We just got back from Italy with Sylvi, it was a nice vacation. Especially the second week when we met the mountain guys.

Anyway, I haven’t written anything here for ages. Nothing much happened at the spring trip. I won’t lie, it was a bit disappointing, we spoke with Lokie one more time, the night we were celebrating the end of the year with the girls.

I was walking past Lokie’s cottage on the way from the bathroom, and he happened to be sitting on the porch. I do not remember the exact conversation, but I remember that it was quite nice, flirty, like on the first trip. He was kind of looking after me, and telling me off for drinking and smoking, again! I feel like he is always telling me off for something. Why is he so disapproving? If anything, I didn’t feel so shy and awkward around him. Alcohol makes me feel more confident. It wasn’t like I was falling over or anything! I don’t do that any more.

It was my last exam on the 20th of June, and it was also the last day of school. After I finished, I got on a bus, going home feeling kind of happy/sad, because I was looking forward to the Italian adventure, but I also realized, that I wouldn’t see Lokie again for two months. With headphones on and only my melancholic thoughts for company, I suddenly saw Lokie waiting at his usual bus stop across the street as my bus halted at a red light. He saw me too. We locked eyes for a while, and then feeling brave, I raised my hand slowly, and touched the window. “Good bye Lokie, have a nice holidays.” I said in my head, and then he waved me right back. It made me feel a bit better, it was a nice end to the school year.

I was then thinking that it is really weird, that we can go for ages without talking to each other, ignoring each other, or going on our eye lock trips, or fail at attempted conversations, and then we do something so normal, as wave to each other. God knows what he was thinking!

Photo by Gia.


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