Part 13 Haunted Heart


The atmosphere in the room darkened. Even the air seemed denser, making the candle flicker in a peculiar way. Rain drops were drumming heavily on the windowsill. As on cue, a strong wind picked up, bending trees, and singing other worldly melodies in the chimneys.

“Come on guys, it’s only a thunderstorm!” laughed Gia, trying to lighten up the mood.

“No, it’s definitely a bad omen!” protested Leni.

“I agree, we shouldn’t mess with summoning a living person!” said Ozz.

“Yeah, what if we do it, and something happens to Peter, then what?”

“It’s just a game, nothing will happen.” said Gia. “We are not doing it right, anyway.”

“I am scared, guys, I think, I am gonna go to bed, it’s late.” said visibly shaken Leni.

“You are so boring guys, I am out of here too!” Gia got up.

“Can you give the glass to Peter, Gia?” asked Leni.

Gia grabbed the glass, and walked to the door. “Hey Ozz, have a good night…,here in your haunted room, with the ghosts!” she winked.

“Oh, shut up, Gia!” laughed Ozz.

Gia stopped by Peter’s to return the glass, and to see Lokie one more time, of course.

“What happened?” asked Peter.

“Have a guess! They got scared of the thunderstorm, and chickened out!”


“Especially Leni, she was hysterical! They refused point blank to summon your spirit, sorry.”

Peter made a face, and a hand gesture, as if saying that it doesn’t matter.

Lokie sat up on his bed, and gave Gia an evil look. It confused her momentarily, but then he flashed a smile, and got up.

“Give me a ciggie, Lokie, please!” Gia smiled pleadingly, then picked up a postcard from his night table, and pretended to study the depiction to hide her nervousness. She almost didn’t notice, when Lokie grabbed the cigarettes, and left the room.

“Gia, Luke just left, either lie down in his bed, or if you want to smoke, go after him.” said Peter.

Gia quickly got up. “Why does he keep telling me to lie in Lokie’s bed?” wondered Gia, as she walked out of the door.

Lokie was standing there in the darkness. Gia was slowly walking toward him, feeling very shy.


“Why are you calling me Lokie, Gianka?”

“Why are you calling me Gianka?”

“I asked first.” he took a few steps closer to Gia.

“Because you are crazy, I guess!”

“Crazy, huh?”

Lokie was now uncomfortably close to Gia.

“I don’t mean, crazy, crazy-” she took a step back, heart pounding.

“Oh, yeah?” he quickly grabbed her wrist, and stared directly in her eyes.

“Lokie, please, it hurts.”

“Shh, Gia, what was that?”

“Hide, quick.”

They slipped into the girls’ bathroom, and  listened for a few seconds in silence. It was quiet, except for a solitary tap dripping.

“There.” he handed her a cigarette, and started to walk away.

“Wait, you got a light?” Gia followed him into the boys’ toilets.

He laughed. “I have two matches, do you have a match box?”

“Here.” Lokie lit his cigarette, and put the other match into the box. He looked at Gia intently again, and slowly placed the box in her hand.

“Gia, I-”

Rapidly approaching footsteps interrupted Lokie, and they were getting closer, fast. Gia panicked, and run to the door almost bumping into the teacher! He appeared too shocked to speak upon seeing Gia in the boys’ bathroom. He pointed to the picture of a boy sign on the door.

“Yeah, I know, silly me, wrong door.” whispered Gia. She didn’t wait for his reply, and rushed back to her room.

“Oh, shit!” I hope, we won’t be in trouble now, thought Gia. Jane wasn’t back yet, so Gia sat on the windowsill, lit Lokie’s cigarette, and watched the rain drops falling.

Pictures of Lokie in her head. Thoughts like a chain of beads around her neck.

How he was intriguing her, perplexing and confusing her, his eyes always burning into hers.

Her own ambivalent feelings confusing her.

She felt happy, and sad, and slightly annoyed. Annoyed at the teacher for spoiling the moment.

Million questions running through her head. What was Lokie going to tell her just before the teacher interrupted? What does Lokie think of her? Does he like her? Dislike her, love her, or hate her?

Nah, he is probably just messing around, he doesn’t care! Yeah, but why would he come to see her every day, when they were working? Why would he stare at her all the time? Why would he say some things to her?  It might take a while to find out, because they were going home in the morning.

Gia’s head was hurting, feeling stupid for thinking like that. She was trying hard now to get the intrusive thoughts out of her head, as she laid down in her bed.

“Good night, Lokie, leave me alone now.” she whispered into the silence, and closed her eyes.

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