Part 11 Genderless Being

A money heartGia was quickly finishing her sketch, when her friends Anna and Leni walked by. Leni really fancied Ozz, and she would not stop talking about him.

“Ozz is soooo cuuute!” Leni repeated over and over.

Anna and Gia looked at each other, trying not to burst out laughing.

“Oh, come on girls, it’s so beautiful here, everything is sooooo beautiful!!!”

“Yeah, you are right, Leni.” said Gia, feeling stlighly annoyed.

“I think, I am in love! What about you, Gia? I know, that Anna is.”

Gia was unprepared for Leni’s straightforward question. “Um, I don’t think so!”

Gia hasn’t really thought about that yet. Was it love with Lokie? She wasn’t sure, what it was. She was struggling to define, what she was feeling, even to herself. That’s what made it so confusing.

Gia didn’t think Lokie was cute, and she never even felt a desire to be with him physically, to kiss him, yet when they touched by accident, she felt electricity, and when their eyes locked, she was hopelessly lost… The only thing she knew for sure, was some kind of need to talk to him, she felt shy around him, and he was always on her mind. Besides he probably didn’t even liked her in that way!

“So what was this thing with Lokie?” thought Gia.

Leni noticed Gia’s hesitation and said “yes, you are in love, Gia, I can see it! Who is it? Who is it?”

Gia was horrified, that Leni so easily guessed, that something was going on. Leni, although a lovely girl, was the last person Gia would confide in. She was that type of girl, that would say anything to anybody, oblivious to the fact, that she regularly embarrassed herself, or others!

“Nobody you know, Leni.”

“Hold on, hold on!” Leni was onto something, like a hound closing in on a prey, she was not giving up that easily. “Okay, so it is not Ozz and his mates.” she looked questioningly at Gia.

“No, you can relax, Ozz is yours!” laughed Gia.

“Good, that leaves Peter and Luke.”  she was looking at Gia intently, as if trying to see inside her skull.

“Nah.” Gia felt really uncomfortable, sat down, and lit a cigarette.

“Yes, it is one of them!” Leni hopped excitedly on the spot.

“Ah, that’s so cuuute!”

“Oh, please!” Gia rolled her eyes.

Gia was glad to see Ozz and the boys coming over. They were laughing, as usual.

“Hey, what’s up, girls?”

“We are in love!” said Leni.

“Oh yeah?” the boys chuckled, and the girls gave each other a look.

“Aren’t you, Ozz?” Leni batted her eyelashes at Ozz.

“OMG”, thought Gia, “how can Leni do this?”

Ozz and his wing men just laughed.

“Yeah, everybody is in love, look at that couple over there, with their baby, aww, how cute is that!”

“Aw, yeah look at that cuuute couple, and the result of their love!” mocked Ozz.

“Yeah, the baby looks like an alien!” the boys agreed.

“Well actually, the baby is quite cute, with his curly hair.” said Gia.

“Yes, I knew it! It’s Luke, he has curly hair!!! Gia is in love with LUKE!” Leni could barely contain her excitement, and Gia’s hear sank.

“Yeah, you could have curly haired children with him, Gia!” laughed Ozz.

“Oh, shut up, everyone!” laughed Gia, but inside, she was mortified, that everyone kind of knew.

To make matters worse, Lokie just happen to be walking by, and uncharacteristically stopped by the boys. Gia couldn’t hear anything they were talking about.

“He says, he is a genderless being.” said Ozz, and everyone laughed.

“You should find out Gia, that would be bad, real bad!” laughed Ozz.

“Why me?” laughed Gia.

Lokie looked slightly puzzled. “Thank God, he didn’t know what the others were talking about just a few moments before!” thought Gia.

“We should go back, it’s almost dinner time.” said Anna.

“Good idea!” Gia got up. She was not enjoying this game at all!

The kids made plans for the evening during dinner, first they would go to the pub, and someone suggested trying to contact the spirits from afterlife, later that evening.

Gia was still thinking hard, how to get Lokie to come to the pub with them.

“Ah, I think I got an idea!” said Gia to Anna. “We could ask them to be our sponsors, you know, to buy us drinks! Which means, they would come with us!” Gia was excited!

“Yeah, that might work.” said Anna.

So, the girls went to see Lokie and Peter.

“Listen, guys, we’ve got an idea.” said Gia.

“What is it?” asked Peter.

“Well, we are going to the pub in a bit, and you could be our sponsors, what do you think?”

The boys immediately grabbed their wallets. “Okay, but you have to give it back with 120% interest.” said Peter.

“Yeah, whatever, just think about it, and we will stop by before we leave.” said Gia.

They then went to see the others, and told them about their “sponsors”. Ozz and the boys found it hilarious, and kept making fun of them.

“What about the communication with the dead, guys?” asked Gia.

“Leni knows how to do it, she will show us after we come back from the pub.” said Ozz.

In about twenty minutes, everyone was ready to leave, and Gia and Anna stopped by Peter and Luke, to see if they were coming.

“How much do you want Gianka?” asked Lokie.

Gia was puzzled by Lokie’s question, she didn’t want any money, she wanted Lokie to come with them!

“Anything you can spare.” said Gia finally, feeling disappointed.

“Okay, but you have to give it back!” Lokie started counting some really small change out of his wallet.

All of a sudden everyone just barged in. Ozz noticed Lokie counting the change, and said “Oh, please Luke, Gia is making all these future plans with you, and that’s all you are giving her?!”

“Shut up, Ozz!” said Gia, laughing, but dying inside.

Lokie’s eyes widened. “There you go.” he gave her a handful of change. “Remember, pay it back, in any way, form, or activity.” he added.

Peter almost chocked on his snack, and everyone else laughed, as usual.

“You what?” said Gia in disbelief. “Is he implying, what I am thinking he is implying?”

Lokie suddenly started to backtrack “ok, you don’t have to give it back, but bring me a few cigarettes, okay?”

“You got a deal!” said Gia, still feeling slightly embarrassed, and mostly disappointed, that Lokie wasn’t coming with them. She was glad however, that she had an excuse to go see him after.




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