Part 10 Euphoric Melancholy

benchBack at the house, Gia made a distracted small talk with Jane, and just a few moments later, she found herself staring at Lokie’s door. She felt, she could almost hear the silence pulsating in her head, she paused momentarily, feeling very strange, without quite knowing why.

Perhaps it was the dissatisfied mood from earlier, that still lingered, and now after a few minutes of just standing there, she felt nervous and kind of stupid. Heart pounding, she knocked on the door, and entered without waiting.

The room was dark, Gia thought for a moment, that the boys were asleep, but Peter was just laying on his bed, and so was Lokie, with his headphones on.

“Um, hi Lokie.”

“What do you want?” Lokie took his headphones off.

“Just my tape back and a ciggie, please.” Gia walked closer to Lokie.

“You are drunk Gia!”

“No I am not!” just a bit stoned thought Gia, taken by a surprise. She made a point not to drink, because of him.

“You can’t have your tape, I am still listening to it.” He handed her a cigarette, “you can smoke it here, if you like.” he smirked at Peter.

“No!” said Peter, “please don’t, ’cause if you do, you will have to pay!”

Gia lit up, and sat down on Lokie’s bed, in a contemplative mood.

“That’s it, you have to pay us taxes for smoking here, and staying in our room!” said Peter, uncharacteristically talkative.

“Yeah, Gia, pay up!” said Lokie, clearly enjoying hiself.

All of a sudden Gia didn’t know what to say, or what to do, she was just sitting there, smoking and thinking.  “What the hell am I doing here?” She should have left straight away, but somehow she was unable to move, paralysed by the state of her mind.

Lokie was sitting behind Gia, and started counting the metal studs on the back of her top.

“One, two, three….,come on Gia, pay Peter now!”

Gia still wasn’t saying anything, when she finally  managed to get up, she threw the half smoked cigarette out of the open window, and walked out without a word.

Back in her room, she laid down in her bed, and felt like crying. “They must think, I am a weirdo, now.” thought Gia, feeling all the dark, low and sad emotions, that there have ever been in the world.

Thursday, 26th of May 1993

Gia woke up, and realised that it was the last day of the trip. She felt a bit sad, and also somewhat embarrassed about the previous night.

“Why couldn’t she just talk to Lokie, you know, have a normal conversation with him?”  she thought.  “If only Lokie would go the the pub with everyone, they could talk and hang out. That would give them a chance to get to know each other.”

That’s all she really wanted, just to talk to him, to find out more about him. That’s it, and nothing else, just talk.

With these thoughts, Gia and her friends made their way down for breakfast and then to the park. Jane and Gia chose a different spot this time, but it it didn’t take long for Lokie to find them, much to Gia’s delight.

“Hey Gia, I’ve got an idea.”

“Yeah?” Gia was really curious.

“You are gonna give me a ciggie and light it for me.”

“Not again!” thought Gia, “the same old game!”

“I have got an idea too!”

“What’s that, Gianka?”

“How about, you don’t have to smoke, Lokie!”

“Please Gia, I will draw that tree for you.” he pointed to her drawing.

“Nope.” Gia shook her head.

“Ok, how about I give you my brush in exchange?” he extended his arm toward her holding something that used to be a brush.

Gia looked at it and started laughing, Lokie looked at the “brush”, and realised that it only had two or three hair remaining, and started laughing too.

“I don’t think so Lokie!”

“Oh, please Gia, for the last time, I beg you!’

“I am afraid it won’t be the last time, Lokie!” laughed Gia.

“You are afraid, but I know, this IS the last time, because after this, it will be a commonplace!”

“You what?” “OMG, is he implying, that when they are together, it will be a commonplace?” thought Gia.

Lokie gave her a look, as if he realised, what he just said.

Gia felt so happy inside, all the dark thoughts from the previous night were gone. She finally gave him a cigarette, and lit it herself, to prevent him taking the matches again.

After that, she noticed two local guys walking around, they finally sat down on a bench, that was being depicted in Gia’s drawing.

Lokie noticed them too, and quickly disappeared like he always does, when there are other people around. He was somewhat shy around other people, and Gia found that intriguing and interesting.

The only exception was Jane, an uninteresting large girl, who recently found Jesus. She was kind of a loner too, a figure that seemed invisible to everyone. Nobody wanted to talk to her, apart from Gia, she talked to everybody. The only person she didn’t know how to talk to, was Lokie.

Gia resumed her drawing, but was slightly annoyed when the two guys suddenly got up, and started to walk away. “Great, now I will never finish the drawing!” she thought.

The guys seemed to walk about aimlessly at first,as if unsure of the destination, until they wound up right by Gia.

“Hey, you got a light?” asked the taller one, to Gia’s disbelief.

“Sure.” she handed them the matches.

“You guys are spoiling my picture!” she pointed to her drawing, depicting a bench with half drawn figures and surrounding trees.

“Um, sorry, we can go back, if you like.” said the other one.

To Gia’s surprise they did, as they said, so she could finish her sketch.

Later, the girls were asking, who the cute guys were, and what they wanted, and the boys made fun of Gia being in demand. She noticed, that Lokie was looking over, question marks in his eyes.

“Hey Ozz, I was thinking, since it’s the last night, we should do something!” said Gia.

“Absolutely!” said Ozz. “We should go to the pub!”

The kids made plans for the evening, and Gia was thinking hard, how to make Lokie to come with them, without actually asking him. She would never do that!



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