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Part 9 I am madly in love…


Gia looked up at Lokie, the small knife still pressed gently against her throat. Her look was defiant, almost daring him to do it…,to cut her skin. She felt strangely excited, and liked the danger. Deep down she knew he wouldn’t do it, but even if he did, she wouldn’t care.

He probably sensed it too, and seemed to be taken aback by her reaction. He let go gently, looking a little embarrassed, as he took the tape from Gia’s hand, and retreated out of her room.

Gia felt strangely lightheaded, Lokie had a strong effect on her and she wasn’t sure why. Does he like her? She still wondered. She wasn’t sure, because he was kind of mean to her. Gia however was firmly under his spell, not that she would show it.

She received a visit from Anna a short while after.

“Hey Gia, what’s up? Can I borrow your hairspray?”

“Sure! You won’t believe what’s been happening with Lokie!” said Gia.

“Yeah, I noticed! He can’t keep away from you!”

“Yeah, but he is not very nice to me,.. um, I wish, that we could talk, you know, in a normal way. He is kind of crazy, playing games or something, and I don’t know why, or if he even likes me.” said Gia.

“I am sure he likes you, he wouldn’t be coming up to you, or interact with you at all, if he wasn’t interested.”

“I don’t know, Anna, I hope you are right, but I feel confused.”

“Hm, you know what? Let’s get out of here Gia, you need to have some fun away from Lokie!”

The girls got ready, and on the way out Gia stopped by Lokie’s to get her tape. He was behaving kind of mad, pretending to shoot her with a small gun, which was acutally a lighter, that Gia has never seen before. Whilst doing that, Lokie kept singing a line from a popular song over and over again.

” I am madly in love, I am madly in love, I am madly in love…”

“Lokie stop it, and give me my tape, please!”

“Ok, give me a cigarette then.” said Lokie, while trying to lock her in the room again.

“No more cigarettes for you Lokie, I told you! Besides, you don’t deserve it!”

“I am madly in love…” he was coming closer to her holding the gun-lighter, aiming at her.

Peter was in his usual spot on the bed, watching them with apparent amusement, and couldn’t stop laughing.

“Oh, whatever!” Gia gave up. “What was all that about? Is he in love? With whom? Gia? Nah, he was just messing around.” she decided.

“Let’s go Anna, I will get the tape later. Lokie is going mad!” said Gia with disbelief.

They took a stroll to the town, and met with Ozz and the others. They smoked some weed, and had a good laugh, but Gia’s thoughts were elsewhere, with Lokie to be precise.

She had an irresistible urge to go back to see him, before it got too late. She made all kinds of excuses to leave the others.

“What are you doing now guys? Shall we go back yet?” asked Gia.

“Nah, we are having so much fun, shall we go to the pub?”

“Um, actually I have to go back now, I promised Jane I would come back early.”

“No, don’t go Gia, please, aren’t we having fun?” asked Ozz.

“Yeah, but I am kind of tired now, and I really have to go to see Jane.”

“Oh my God, I know why she wants to go!” said Kay, Ozz’s friend. “She wants to go to see Peter!”

“No, Kay you are wrong!” said Gia, relieved, that Kay guessed wrong.

They all laughed, and it was clear they knew, that she was up to something, and it was just a matter of time before they found out.


Madly in, that Lokie was singing.


Part 8 Blackmailer

A knife 3

All of a sudden Gia realised, that she was no longer trying to open Lokie’s hand. All her efforts died out, lost in a moment of eternity, when she locked eyes with him. Her hand was still on top of his, now gently resting. When she finally came to her senses, she let go. She took two steps back, flashing a slightly embarrassed smile.

Lokie was smiling too, however he seemed unfazed by what just transpired, clearly enjoying playing with Gia.

He took one step forward, and said very quietly, “Ok Gianka, here is a new deal, give me two cigarettes, and you can have your matches back.”

“Nope, I’ll give you one, and that’s it!” said Gia, and handed him one cigarette.

“One more, come on!”

“No way, Lokie, that’s not fair!” protested Gia.

“You had your chance, the price went up, now I want two more!”

“Yeah, give him two more, Gia!” laughed Ozz, who was just coming up with the other boys.

“Is this some kind of conspiracy?” laughed Gia.

“No, you haven’t given him anything yet!” said Ozz.

“See? Come on, Gianka!” said Lokie.

“Listen guys, she already gave him one.” Jane, suddenly looked up from her unfinished painting, coming to Gia’s rescue.

“You, be quiet, nobody asked you!” said Ozz quite harshly.

“That’s enough guys, everyone just get lost! It’s between me and her.” interrupted them Lokie.

Gia smiled, she liked what Lokie just said, feeling a warm glow washing over her.

The boys laughed, and wandered off across the grass, turning their heads from time to time, leaving Luke and Gia to sort out their “argument” in peace.

“Ok, Lokie, I’ll give you one more, but it has to be from hand to hand!” Gia was handing out the cigarette cautiously, waiting for Lokie to do the same with the matches. He came closer, and proceeded with the exchange, but changed his mind at the last second. He snatched the ciggi out of Gia’s hand.

“Well, thats’ just great Lokie! How dare you?”

Lokie just laughed, and provocatively started lighting one match after another, letting them burn. When the flame started to lick his fingers, he threw it to her feet. Gia protested, and tried to reason with Lokie, but it made no difference.

“You can stop this, Gianka. Just one more ciggi.”

“You are such a blackmailer, Lokie!”

He looked at her intently. “Auch!” Lokie quickly dropped the match.

“Serves you right!” laughed Gia.

She refused to give him any more cigarettes, so Lokie burned all the matches. When there were no more matches left, he tore the box to a million tiny little pieces, throwing them at bemused Gia.

“That’s it Lokie, don’t you ever come to me for cigarettes, or matches, or anything else, ’cause I am not giving you any! Got it?!” said Gia, trying to pull an angry face.

He just laughed.

Soon after, the teacher saved Gia from further suffering by bringing all the other students for a group photo. Luke kept looking at Gia, laughing, clearly pleased with himself.

The photo session went well, and as it was getting late, the students packed their equipment, and put it in the storage in the castle gallery.

Afterwards some students went for a stroll, while others, including Gia and Luke, walked back to the house. Gia had no matches left, so she went to ask Lokie for a light. He seemed pleased to see her.

“Ah, you brought me the ciggi, right?”

“No, Lokie, I think you had enough of my cigarettes! And you wasted my new matches, remember?”

“Nah, it wasn’t me! I want a cigarette and one of your tapes, ok?”

“Nope.” Gia shook her head.

Suddenly, Lokie got up and walked towards the door.

“What now?” thought Gia.

Lokie shut the door, and turned the key. “You can’t leave, until you give me the ciggi, Gianka.”

“What? Did he just lock her in his room? That’s hardly a punishment!” thought Gia.

“Let me go Lokie!” said Gia in a weak mock protest.

“You know what to do!” Lokie lay down on his bed, playing with key.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Luke had no choice, but to unlock the door, and Gia run out, almost bumping into a caretaker, who came to fix something in Lockie’s room.

Gia quickly run into her bedroom, immediately followed by Lokie.

“Hey, Gianka, I am going to borrow one of your tapes!” he announced confidently, as he spotted couple of tapes on her bedside table. Dismissing some, making satisfied noises at others, he then noticed, that Gia was holding one tape in her hand.

“Ok, I’ll have that one, what is it? Sepultura, yep.”

Gia got up, still holding the tape, and Lokie followed. Every step he took towards her, she took one step back, until there was nowhere else to go. Her back finally touched the door, and Lokie walked right up to her.

He was now very, very close, so close, that part of their bodies were touching, and Gia was aware of every slight touch, that send an electric current right through her.

Lokie’s look hardened, and she noticed something shiny flashing in front of her face, immediately followed by a cool sensation of sharp metal pressing gently on her throat.