Part 7 He loves her matches


Lokie was holding out a cigarette. “There you go.” Gia slowly walked up to him, and reached out to take the ciggi, but Lokie quickly moved it away, leaving Gia’s hand in mid air.

“Oh, come on Luke!” said Gia.

“Nah, Gianka, changed my mind, you can’t have it!” laughed Luke.

Did he just call her Gianka? Only her grandma called her “Gianka”, she was the only person in the world, that loved her and showed her affection.

“Lokie, please, I’ll give it back!” smiled Gia.

He appeared to be thinking about it for a moment, and then said “Deal!”


He was finally handing over the cigarette, she reached out again to take it, but he was not letting go just yet.

“I want it back tonight though!”

Gia gave him a surprised look. “You, what?”

“I am serious Gianka, bring it to me later!” He was not letting go of it, and looked into Gia’s eyes intently.

They seemed to get lost in the moment, suddenly interrupted by Peter’s chuckle.

“I would, If I were you!” he said.

“Sure, I will!”

The spell was broken. Luke let go of the cigarette and Gia turned around to leave.

“Shut the door!” they shouted. Gia smiled, and thought to herself, payback, Lokie, and left the door wide open.

Once in her room, Gia sat in her favourite spot on the windowsill, and smoked Luke’s cigarette. She was glowing inside, not quite sure why. She was wondering about Lokie. Does he like her? He did call her Gianka…

“Go to bed Gia!” interrupted her thoughts Jane. “It stinks in here!” she complained.


26th May 1993

Gia woke up early in the morning, and couldn’t stop thinking about the previous night. She met with the others, and they made their way to the dining room for breakfast.

Lokie was already there, and she caught him looking at her many times, much to her delight.

She bought a new pack of cigarettes on the way to the park. Peter and Lokie were already there, right by the entrance, setting up. Lokie gave her a look, and Gia, slightly nervous, walked up to them.

“You got something for me?” smiled Luke.

“I might have. Would you like your ciggie back?”

“Yeah, give me two.”

“Should I?” she glanced from Luke to Peter.

“You should, in fact give him three, that’s for the door, you left opened last night!”

“Nah, two will be enough for now.” laughed Gia, and handed Lokie two cigarettes.

The girls went to their usual spot, and Gia carried on working on the sketch from the previous day.

After some time, Gia turned around, distracted by the sound of the footsteps behind her. Peter and Lokie were walking up to her. Luke smiled at Gia, and she smiled back.

“Let me guess,” she said, “you want a light, right?”

Peter laughed, and walked on, and Lokie stopped to talk to Gia.

“Yes, please, how did you know?” he laughed, looking into her eyes.

“Educated guess!” said Gia

“Please Gianka, I have only three matches left.” pleaded Lokie.

Gia looked in her box of matches. “Well, I only have five left.”

“Great, give me one, and we will have four each!”

“Hm, let me think, Lokie…”

Lokie walked closer to her, he was now standing just a few centimeters from Gia, totally invading her personal space. It took her by surprise. Suddenly she lost all her words, and her body felt weak. “Okay.” She took one match out of the box, and held it up.

He took to it very slowly out of her hand. “Thanks!”

It was such a beautiful sunny day, and some of the students decided to have lunch at one of the local restaurants. The food was tasty and cheap, and the group enjoyed their extended lunch break, sharing stories and jokes. After lunch Gia returned to her sketch, although she had to re work it many times, she was quite satisfied with the result.

Not much time passed after the lunch, and Luke strolled by again, holding a cigarette in one hand. Gia already guessed what he was going to say.

“Don’t tell me, you used up all your matches already!”

“It was Peter, he does it on purpose!” said Luke with an innocent face.

“Please Gia, can I have your matches?”

“No, Lokie, you don’t need to smoke!” teased him Gia.

“Oh, come on! Can I have just one match? Just a small one, please?” he held his hand up demonstrating how small.

Gia laughed, and took the matches out of her pocket. “Ok, since you are asking so nicely!”

Suddenly Lokie snatched the matches out of her hand, and started walking away.

“That’s just great Lokie! Hey, where are you going?” said Gia taken by a surprise.

“If you want to smoke, you have to come to me, Gianka!” Luke laughed as he was walking away.

Gia couldn’t believe it! How dare he?

Soon he was back, however, as if he just couldn’t stay away from Gia.

“Aw, thanks for bringing my matches back, Lokie. How nice of you!”

“Listen, Gianka, you can have your matches back. I’ll make a deal with you.”

“What are you on about?” Gia stood up and walked closer.

“I’ll exchange one match for one cigarette.” said Lokie looking totally serious, holding up the matches.

“No way! That’s not a good deal at all!” said Gia, and tried to snatch the matches out of his hand.

Lokie’s grip was strong though, he was not letting go that easily. Gia’s attempts to open his hand were failing, and the familiar body weakness returned. Luke, obviously the stronger one, found it amusing. Gia, still holding on to him looked up, and met his eyes, connecting to them instantly.  “Whoa.”

They locked eyes all the time, but this time it was something else. It was like a crazy ride through the universe, traveling through at the speed of light, in a place where time and space laws didn’t apply.



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I am compelled to create, I now realize that this is a gift from God, I want to make him happy by sharing it with others. My aim is to bring enjoyment to people, and help in any way I can. I wish to know and do many things. Some of them I do and others I do in my imaginary life. A life long learner, a truth seeker, a philosopher, a dreamer, an adventurer, an artist, and a writer on this wonderful journey called life.

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