Part 6 Laughing matter

“Hey, you got a light?”

Gia, still sitting on the windowsill, almost fell out of the window, startled by the unexpected visitor.

“Catch!” she threw him a box of matches.

“Shall I bring them back, or shall I keep them?” he asked mockingly.

“Huh? What do you think?! Of course I want them back!” Gia said.

“Anyway, how dare you just barge in here like that? she added, half smiling.

“Sorry, Peter wasted all my matches.” he said, then hesitated, just for a moment, before adding “I’ll keep these, thanks!” he gave her the same mischievous look, and left, leaving the door wide open.

“Did he just say he would keep the matches?! Was he teasing her, or what?” Gia wasn’t sure, but she was so happy anyway. She laid down on her bed, breathing deeply, thinking, and feeling with what seemed like a new awareness. She had to process what just happened. Almost transfixed, she played the film of her memories on the inside of her eyelids.

“Thank God, she didn’t trip, fall, blush, freeze, or embarrass herself in anyway!” she thought.

She couldn’t resist watching the fantastic kaleidoscope of Luke in her head. “Luke, Loki, Lokie-her Lokie… Yes, it was true, he must have hypnotised her, just like Loki.”she thought to herself.

A commotion interrupted her daydreaming, and it was Lokie again. This time, he entered without knocking, and threw the matches to her. “Thanks.” he said, and then he was gone again.

“Damn, why does he always leave the door open?” she though, and quickly got up to tell him off, but the hall was empty, echoing with laughter from Luke and Peter’s room.

Gia, still holding the box of matches, realised that it feels a lot lighter, and looked inside. “Whaaat? Five matches left? Just wait, Lokie, I’ll get you back!” she thought.

She decided to visit Anna, she couldn’t wait to tell her about  the latest developments with Lokie.

“Let’s go out.” said Anna.

“Good idea.”

“Are you going with us, Leni?” Gia asked Anna’s room mate.

“Nah, thanks, I am hanging out with Ozz and Co.”

“Ok, does Ozz have any weed?” asked Gia.

“He does, but he is not sharing!”

“That’s cool, see you later then.”

The girls took a stroll, weaving their girly talks, as they walked. The destination was not important. After some time they stumbled upon a cute little pub with a beer garden. The moment they joined the queue, they heard a familiar laughter. It was Leni and the boys.

Most of them ordered a pint of lager and Leni got a shot of peach flavoured vodka. The guy at the bar didn’t even care, that they were under aged, much to the friends’ delight. All the tables were full, but some locals called them over, and invited them to sit at their table.

They accepted, but found it hilarious for some reason, and couldn’t stop lauging. Leni kept trying to neck the shot, but kept blowing in it instead, spraying everyone around. “WTF?”

” You wanna smoke?” Ozz turned to Gia, “Leni told me.” he added.

“Sure, you got something?”

“Yeah, but not here.”

“Duh.” rolled her eyes Gia.

“Hey guys, there is a disco in the town, you should come!” said one of the older guys, who invited them over before.


“Yeah, and girls go free.” he winked at Gia.

The rest of the group just couldn’t stop laughing.

“Yeah, maybe.” said Gia.

After a few more rounds, they decided to check out the infamous small town “disco”.

It was quite fun, they even played couple of songs Gia liked. After a while they all went outside, and walked to a water fountain in the middle of the town square. There was no water in it, so they all hoped in. Ozz lit a joint ceremoniously and passed it around.


Suddenly everything seemed even funnier than before. Especially when  Anna kept complaining, that the weed had no effect on her what so ever.

“It’s not working guys, I am telling you!” complained Anna with a poker face.

“That’s because you are a non smoker, hun.”

“Yeah, you’ve got to take a deep breath straight into your lungs, like this!” demonstrated Ozz.

“Like this?” Anna took a drag and started coughing immediately.

They laugh and then watch her reaction expectantly. “So?”

“Nothing! I am telling you guys, it’s not working and you don’t believe me! I think I am immune to it!”

“Immune!!!” they found it hilarious.

Gia had so much fun, and her thoughts turned to Lokie, she wished, that he was there.

The group made their way back to the house, hoping they wouldn’t get in trouble  for getting back late. It was around 10.30 pm, and it seemed, that they got away with it, with no teacher, or student in sight.

Gia felt an irresistible urge to go see Lokie. She lost her inhibitions after drinking. She felt good and confident, and like she could do anything in the world.

“Hey, Gia, you going, where I am thinking you are going?” asked Anna.

“Yep” said Gia and knocked on the boys’ bedroom door. She didn’t hear anything, but slowly opened the door anyway. It was dark inside, and it took Gia by surprise.

“Oh, you are sleeping, never mind.” said Gia, and started retreating.

“No, we are not sleeping, what do you want?” asked Peter, looking interested.

“Just a cigarette, from Luke, please.”

Suddenly, one of the teachers walked in, “Ok students, everyone go to your rooms, please, it’s past your bedtime!

“No problem.” said Anna and disappeared.

“Sure.” Gia started making her way towards the door.

Lokie sat up on his bed. “So, you want a cigarette, do you, really?”

“Yes please, I run out.”

“Okay, come closer then.” said Lokie.


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