Part 3 Drawing Me In


Gia’s holidays were drawing to a close, she would soon have to return back to UK, back to reality… She had been walking around with her head in the clouds after reading her old journal.

There was a sensation in her chest, that can only be described as a mixture of excitement, regret and hope. She also realised, with panic, that she felt a lot like being in love, in love with Luke.

OMG, how is that possible just by reading some old teenage journal? She hasn’t even seen him for five years.!!! No, that’s not possible. It’s probably just nostalgia. Gia was sure, that if they saw each other now, they would just have a normal chat and a laugh about how silly they were.

In the end she gave up fighting the urge to read the journal, it was stronger than her.

15th December 1992

I copied Luke’s tape and returned it to him today after class, but whoa, that was intense! He was asking me all these questions in quick succession, that I almost couldn’t keep up! I didn’t expect that at all, where did that come from? No, Luke I don’t have many tapes, because I don’t have that much spare cash to buy them, I spend all my money on travel and to buy tickets to gigs, okay?

Something happened to her that day, Gia remembered, to her horror, she felt the fire spreading to her cheeks and she started to feel kind of shy in front of him and couldn’t get away quick enough.

Maybe I do like him after all…

19th December 1992

Why are you in my head Luke? You were locking eyes with me today again, and I tried not to look at you too much, but I still found it difficult to do my work, because you were distracting me with your eyes!

It’s almost Christmas holidays and I’ll have to study for our January exams, it will be so boring, and of course I will not see you for two weeks!

Gia realised, that’s when the fantasies started, she found herself thinking about him all the time, and imagining talking to him and spending time with him. She was kind of under his spell, wondering about him, wanting to find out more. She sensed, that they had a lot in common.

I wonder if we will talk again before we break for Christmas.

26th December

Christmas is almost over and I am supposed to study for my exams, but instead I am thinking of you Luke. I kind of miss your staring! Anyway. I hope you are having a nice holidays and I can’t wait to see you again!

3rd January 1993

I finally saw you today Luke, and your eyes jumped into mine so many times! As if you missed me too, and that makes me so happy! I can’t wait to talk to you again! I hope, that it will be very soon, maybe even tomorrow!

23rd January 1993

Passed all my exams with good results, what a relief! I haven’t seen you much Luke, over the past few weeks, but when we saw each other it was the usual eye locking game. That’s cool, but can we please talk again soon?

Gia let her mind wonder back to that time, the winter was long, bleak and dark. She spend most of her free time going to gigs or creating artistic creations and of course dreaming of Luke. She celebrated her 16th birthday recently, the situation with her parents calmed down a little giving her much needed break.

However she felt slightly out of sorts, moody and not very happy. It had been a long time since they spoke with Luke. She didn’t understand why he doesn’t talk to her. If he was not interested, then why is he staring at her?

She didn’t get it, it was weird. She never met anyone like him. She knew that they would totally get on, she just knew it. She also knew by now, that he was not gonna just come up to her and strike up a conversation, and neither would she. Gia was too shy by now to approach him.

2nd February 1993

Dear Luke, you can look all you want, but I made a decision today, I am not playing this game anymore, it’s kind of frustrating, because I would love for us to be normal and just talk to each other, this is weird. Right, from now on I am not looking at you, Okay?


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About giasuniverse

I am compelled to create, I now realize that this is a gift from God, I want to make him happy by sharing it with others. My aim is to bring enjoyment to people, and help in any way I can. I wish to know and do many things. Some of them I do and others I do in my imaginary life. A life long learner, a truth seeker, a philosopher, a dreamer, an adventurer, an artist, and a writer on this wonderful journey called life.

6 responses to “Part 3 Drawing Me In”

  1. bdlheart says :

    “Walking around with her head in the clouds.” My imagination saved me in so many ways.


    • giasuniverse says :

      Yes, imagination was/is my savior, and also a curse. Right now I am it’s master, and I am just finally using it in a right way, it is so satisfying 😀 x

      Liked by 1 person

      • bdlheart says :

        I am at the same point creatively. Auntie often mentioned how a gift would come out of this. I didn’t know what was happening at the time and couldn’t see that far out of my situation. Believe she was so right.


      • giasuniverse says :

        Your Auntie is wise! I realized it when everything finally blew up to pieces. All was dark and bleak, my whole life seemed so pointless, the suffering meaningless…In my darkest hour I had a moment of clarity, and I made a decision (being stubborn as I am), I refused it to be meaningless and pointless. I decided to use my experience for something good.
        And after I started my blog I came to realize that it might be a gift, in order to truly describe experiences and feelings as those we had, we could only do it by living through it, and I am even starting to think that it has been part of plan for us from the beginning, perhaps even a God’s plan. I was never religious growing up in a Communist country and the concept of God had always been foreign to me, but now I am starting to think that there might be something to it. Are you religious?
        Either way I am happy for both of us that we were able to realize it!

        Liked by 2 people

      • bdlheart says :

        I was raised Catholic and considered myself agnostic up until all hell broke lose in the last few years. I spend a lot of time on the Yoga mat and I’ve read a lot of Buddhism. I try to follow Buddhism, but then again the yoga world also lends itself to Hinduism. Recently I’ve felt like a God or force outside ourselves exist. I think God is in nature. So many things have happened to me and people have came into my life when I needed it. I can’t help but think some force greater then myself exists…


      • giasuniverse says :

        Yes, I agree with you totally, “God in nature” and “a force greater than myself” that’s how I tend to think about it too. I am yet to look more into Buddhism, I feel drawn to it for some reason. Wow what a great spiritual journey, we are on, thank you Bdlheart! xxx


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